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Synthesis and Characterization of La2NiO4 and its Use in Photocatalytic Degradation of Yellowish Orange Dye

Author(s): Paramjeet Kaur, Neelam Gandhi and R. C. Khandelwal

Ternary oxides have been used as effective photocatalysts in carrying out a number of chemical reactions. In the present work, lanthanum nickel oxide catalyst has been prepared using microwave heating. It has been characterized by XRD. Photocatalytic degradation of yellowish orange dye has been observed using this catalyst and progress of reaction has been monitored spectrophotometrically. The effect of variation of different parameters i.e. pH, amount of La2NiO4, concentration of yellowish orange and light intensity was studied. A tentative mechanism for photocatalytic degradation of yellowish orange has been proposed.

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