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Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes of Manganese (II) with 2- (Furan-2-Formylimino) Benzimidazole and their Psychopharmacological Drug Potential Studies

Author(s): C. V. Jose and T. Joy Anto

Complexes of Mn (II) with 2-(furan-2-formylimino) benzimidazole have been synthesized. Characterization has been done on the basis of elemental analysis, conductivity measurements, magnetic studies, IR and electronic spectral studies. Complexes have been found psychopharmacologically more effective in taming, hypnotic activities and possess much higher toxicity as compared to the ligand. Complexes with distorted ºCtahedral geometry with ML2X2 stoichiometries have been reported (where X = Cl–, NO3 – , CH3COO– and C6H5COO–)

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