Synthesis and characterization of cobalt-zinc ferrite nanoparticles coated with DMSA

Author(s): SohrabManouchehri, ZeinabGhasemian, Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei, MohammadAbdolahi

Cobalt-zinc ferritemagnetic nanoparticles (CZF-MNPs)wereprepared in air environmentbyconventional co-precipitationmethodusingferric, zinc and cobalt salts with sodiumhydroxide, at 80 °C of solution temperature, and coated with biocompatible Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA).Themorphologyof desired nanoparticleswas investigated byTransmission ElectronMicroscopy (TEM) and the average size of bare and coated nanoparticles were about 16 and 40 nm. The structural and crystal phase of CZF-MNPs was determined byX-ray diffraction (XRD) and the results confirmed the single phase spinel ferrite formation. Theaverageof crystallite sizeswas calculatedabout 13 nmusingScherrer’s formula from the broadening of themost intense peak (311).Magnetizationmeasurements of sampleswere performed uptomaximumfield of 9000Oe at roomtemperature with a deviceAlternating Gradient FieldMagnetometry (AGFM). The saturationmagnetization of coated nanoparticleswas less thanthebarenanoparticles.Also, the results showed that, the saturationmagnetization decreased byincreasingmolarity of DMSA coated. The FTIR spectra resultsof thesampleswereanalyzedinthefrequencyrange of 400-4000 cm-1,which also confirmed the results of XRDandformation ofCo-Zn ferritephase.These spectra showed the presence of DMSA cover on the surface of nanoparticles

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