Synthesis and Characterization as Well as Antimicrobial Studies of Lanthanide (III) Chloride Complexes of P-Hydroxybenzylidene-2-Aminothiazole and P-Hydroxybenzylidene-2-Amino-6-Methylpyridine

Author(s): Harsh Vardhan, Pratap Singh and Rajesh Dhakarey

p-hydroxybenzylidene–2–aminothiazole (HBAT) and p–hydroxybenzylidene–2–amino–6– methylpyridine (HBAMP) complexes of Lanthanide (III) chloride with the general composition LnL2.X3 [Ln = La (III), Gd (III) and Nd (III); L = HBAT and HBAMP; X = Chloride] have been prepared on the basis of analytical and molecular weight, infrared and electronic spectral data. Infrared studies of these complexes reveal that HBAT and HBAMP act as ONS and ONN tridentate ligand and coordinate through oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. Coordination number of lanthanide (III) ion for La (III), Gd (III) and Nd (III) complexes were found to be six. Atomic absorption spectral data shows the percentage values of the complexes. All the complexes exhibited distorted octahedral geometry. Antimicrobial studies of these complexes against E. coli, K. pneumoniae, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus fumigatus are also reported.

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