Synthesis and Characterisation of Co (III) Complexes of Polydentate Hydroxamic Acid Ligands

Author(s): K. P. Srivastava and Ali Akbar

The ligands α-mercaptobenzacetohydroxamic acid (MBAHA-H) and 2-amino-α-mercaptobenzacetohydroxamic acid (AMBAHA-H) and their different mixed ligand novel complexes with Co (III) having specific formulae have been synthesized and characterised by elemental analyses, magnetic and conductance measurements, IR and electronic spectral studies. The ligands were found to behave as monobasic tridentate (SO’O donor) and tetradentate (SO’ ON donor) manner respectively. All the synthesized Co (III) complexes were non-electrolyte with magnetic moment ranging from 4.6 to 5.4 BM. The structural assessment of the complexes has been carried out based on spectral studies (electronic and infrared) and molar conductivity values. All the complexes were found to be of octahedral geometry.

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