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Synthesis and Biological Evalution of Medicinally Important Mannich Bases of 5-Nitro-2-Furfuraldehyde Semicarbazone Derived from Secondary Amines

Author(s): Sheela Joshi, Anju Das Manikpuri and Prapti Tiwari

A series of Mannich bases was prepared from 5-nitro-2-furfuraldehyde semicarbazone by aminomethylation with formaldehyde and secondary amines. All newly synthesized compounds were screened for their antimicrobial activity. Compounds 4a and 4e exhibited promising antibacterial activity. Structures of all the newly formed compounds were established on the basis of elemental analysis and spectroscopic data (UV, IR and 1H NMR). The results were analyzed statistically and the synthesized compounds were found to be low lethal as ascertained by LD50 test.

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