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Synthesis and Biological Activity of Imido Esters of 2-Aryl-3-Nicotinamido-4- Oxo-1, 3-Thiazolidine-5-yl Ethanoic Acid

Author(s): Ajit Joshi, Devendar Sain, Chirag Sharma, Shweta Sharma and Ganpat L. Talesara

Nicotinic acid hydrazide (2) was prepared by the esterification of nicotinic acid (1) followed by treatment with hydrazine hydrate, which on condensation with various aldehydes (3a-e) gave N'- [arylmethylene]nicotinohydrazide (4a-e). These on cyclization with mercaptosuccinic acid, yielded 2-{2- aryl-3-(nicotinamido)-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolidin-5-yl}acetic acid (5a-e). Compounds (5a-e) were further converted into acid chloride derivatives (6a-e) by reaction with thionyl chloride. Subsequent treatment of (6a-e) with N-hydroxyphthalimide in the presence of TEA furnished the title compounds (7a-e). Final compounds have been evaluated for antifungal and antibacterial activity. Some of the compounds have shown significant inhibition towards bacterial and fungal growth.

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