Synthesis and Biological Activities of Some Schiffa TMS Bases of Sulphamido Coumarin

Author(s): P. Valentina, K. Ilango, M. G. Rajanandh, R. Vijayan and Ankit Kumar Sitoke

Some new Schiff’s base of methyl sulphamido-7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarin were synthesized and the anti nociceptive and in vitro anti-inflammatory activities were evaluated. The Mannich reaction between 7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarin, sulphanilamide and formaldehyde gives 7- hydroxy-4-methyl-8[sulphamidomethyl] coumarin (1). The compound (1) with various aromatic aldehydes gives Schiff’s base (2a-2g). All the synthesized compounds were characterized by spectral analysis. The in vitro anti-inflammatory activity was carried by HRBC membrane stabilization method and the antinociceptive activity was carried by Writhing reflux method and hot plate method. All the compounds shows significant anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activity.

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