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Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of 3-(4-(4-(1h-Benzo[D] Imidazole 2-Yl) Phenylamino) Thiazol-2-Yl)-2-Phenyl Thiazolidin-4-One Derivatives

Author(s): G. Brahmeshwari and Kumaraswamy Gullapelli

As a part of systematic investigation of synthesis, characterization of 3-(4-(4-(1H- benzo[d] imidazole-2-yl)phenylamino)thiazol-2-yl)-2-phenylthiazolidin-4-one (5) compounds have been synthesized from N4 -(4-(1H-benzo [d] imidazol-2-yl) phenyl) thiazole-2,4-diamine (3) condensation-cyclization of aromatic aldehydes followed by thioacetic acid gives the desired compound (5). All the synthesized compounds have been characterized by 1 H NMR; IR spectral data. These have been screened for their antifungal activity.

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