Synthesis and Analytical Application of New Polysaccharide Chelating Resin Containing Nitrilotriacetic Acid

Author(s): Ganshyam Karel, R. S. Sindal and A.V. Singh

A new polysaccharide chelating resin was synthesised by anchoring nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA). The resin was characterized by FTIR and elemental analysis. The resin is found to be stable in acidic as well as basic medium. Physicochemical properties of the resin are examined. Because of its greater selectivity and higher exchanger properties, chelating ion exchanger as well as weakly acid cation exchanger guar gum nitrilotrlacetic acid find tremendous application in waste water treatment and the quantitative results have been given for removal of heavy metal from the reference solution. The distribution coefficient of Cu2+, NI2+, Zn2+ and Pb2+ at different pH was systematically studied using batch equilibration method.

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