Syntheses and Characterization of Biodegradable Materials Based on Poly-ε Caprolactone and Ethyl Cellulose

Author(s): Bennabi Lamia, Belarbi Lahcene, Moulay Miloud and W. Aberas Hadjer

The block polymers PCLgEC was preparing with extender chain 1,4 phenylene bis (2-oxazoline (PBO) by reacting of the prepolymers poly (e-caprolactone) produced by the ring opening polymersation of ε-caprolactone by adipic acidic with ethyl cellulosein the presence of a catalytic amount of titanium isopropoxide [Ti-(OCH2(CH3)2)4]. The reaction was conducted at 170°C for 40 min the inert atmosphere. The expected structures of the polymers were confirmed by FTIR. Enzymatic degradations in solid media using Aspergilus Niger of the materials were performed the biodegradation of block polymers were also carried in liquid medium and the source of microorganisms is an inoculum based on activated sludge, by measuring the net biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) under the aerobic conditions. The biodegradation of polymers was observed by changing of BOD a long of 30 days.

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