Supramolecular Arrays Of A Strontium (II) p-Sulfonatothiacalix[4]Arene Complex

Author(s): Bang-Tun Zhao, Jian-Ge Wang, Pu-Zhou Hu, Lu-Fang Ma, Li-Ya Wang

A novel strontium(II) p-sulfonatothiacalix[4]arene complex has been structurally authenticated by X-ray diffraction studies and reveals that the strontium(II) ion is coordinated by the oxygen atoms of sulfonato group in thiacalix[4]arene, and also ligated by oxygen atoms of water in crystal lattice, which results in one-dimensional polymer. The further assembly of polymer chain is mediated by aromatic-aromatic interactions in off-set fashion. Finally, a 3-D network is fabricated by synergic hydrogen bonds, π-π and metal-ligand interactions.

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