Supercritical Fluid Extraction : A Review

Author(s): G. N. Sapkale, S. M. Patil, U. S. Surwase and P. K. Bhatbhage

Supercritical fluid extraction is the most effective and efficient way to extract valuable constituent botanicals. Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is the process of separating one component (the extractant) from another (the matrix) using supercritical fluids that is CO2 as the extracting solvent. CO2 is the king of extraction solvents for botanicals. Extraction conditions for supercritical CO2 are above the critical temperature of 31°C and critical pressure of 74 bar. Supercritical fluids are highly compressed gases, which have combined properties of gases and liquids in an intriguing manner. Supercritical fluids can lead to reactions, which are difficult or even impossible to achieve in conventional solvents. It is a fast process completed in 10 to 60 minutes. A supercritical fluid can be separated from analyte by simply releasing pressure, leaving almost no trace and yields a pure residue.

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