Subfascial Breast Augmentation with Crossed Fascial Sling, Under Tumescent Anaesthesia With or Without Sedation and Lower Periareolar Access

Author(s): Alena Clancy

The tumescent technique is very efficient for subfascial breast implant surgery. A total amount volume of 330 cc (120/160 cc for each breast) secure a clean and bloodless field, leading to less postoperative bruising and prolonged local anaesthesia effects. The surgical procedure can be performed with or without associated sedation. Reduce periareolar anaesthesia allows for good and painless infiltration of the surgical field, up to the prepectoralis plane. A smooth, vertical dissection reached the pectoralis fascia, which was smoothly opened, leaving the gland adhesions in place. Subfascial pocket dissection was performed, and the implant was then inserted. The fascial sling, consisting of 2 strips of approximately 4/5 cm 9 2 cm each, was prepared superiorly and crossed for inferior fixation. One hundred patients were included over 18 months, and all surgeries were performed under tumescent anaesthesia with general sedation. Overall, we did not need to convert from local anaesthesia in general. No complications were observed, and good cosmetic results were achieved. The follow-up periods lasted for 6 months or, in a few cases, for 1 year

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