Study on water absorption and biodegradation of polylactic acid/poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) nanocomposite

Author(s): M.J.Osman, N.A.Ibrahim, J.Sharif, W.M.Z.WanYunus

The combinationofPolylactic acid (PLA), a hydrophobic polymer,with polybutyleneadipate coterepththalate (PBAT), ahydrophilic polymer, results in a change in the properties of PLAfromhydrophobic to hydrophilic. Thiswas confirmed by testingwater absorption properties ofPLA/PBATblendswith different PBAT. The introduction of unmodified (MMT) and organomodifiedmonmorillonite (OMMT) changed the hydrophilic-hydrophobic profile of the sample. PLA/ PBATnanocompositewas prepared byblending PLA/ PBAT(85:15)with 1%introductionMMTand different type OMMT. The results revealed that the water absorption and biodegradation properties increase in the present of MMT. Water absorption rate are dependableonthenature of nanocomposites (hydrophilichydrophobic) and tortuous path created in the present of silicate layer.Modification ofMMTwith different class of ammoniumstructure influenced the hydrophobicity of the nanocomposites. TEMpictured the increased tortuous path present in PLA/PBAT nanocomposite.

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