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Study on the Complex Formation and Anticancer Effect of Complex, Zinc (II)-Dacarbazine

Author(s): Tarun Kumari, Jyotsana Shukla and Smita Joshi

Dacarbazine, also known as imidazole carboxamide, is an antineoplastic chemotherapic drug, which interfere with cell growth and impede the formation of new tissues. The complexation properties of dacarbazine (dac), being a compound of interest for anticancer research, may be of interest. The physiochemical, microbial and pharmocological studies of Zn-(II)-dacarbazine complex have been done in solid and aqueous phase. According to their polarographic studies, elemental analysis and IR spectral study, the formula of complex has been found to be 1 : 1 Zn (II)-dacarbazine. By using polarographic method at 25 ± 1o C and ionic strength of µ = 10 (KCl), the metal ligand interaction of complex has been found. The “Raper′s method” is used for microbial study against various pathogenic bacteria The amperometric titration and polarographic studies show that there is a (1 : 1) (M : L) metal ligand interaction. The microbial and pharmacological studies of metal-drug complex revealed the anticancer activity of Zn (II)-dacarbazine as compared to synthetic drug.

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