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Study on Prioritizing the Critical Road Section for the Selected Road Network in Chennai Using Pavement Indices

Author(s): R. Surya Chandar and G. Gangha

This paper is about the study on existing pavement condition and prioritizing the critical road network. The study road network selected is located at puzhuthivakkam, Chennai. Data have been collected namely pavement conditions, road geometry and volume count are practically to understand the pavement condition of the particular location from which we can find out the need for maintenance and prioritize the section for repair works. The analytical procedure for calculating present serviceability index (PSI), pavement serviceability rating (PSI) and International Roughness Index (IRI) were carried out and from the result, the critical sections are found out. The PSI value for critical section stretch from chainage 12-19 and 33-41 (i.e. GST road to veerangal via puzhuthivakkam) were found out to be 2.6 (very poor according to the PSR index) hence immediate maintenance has to be carried out.

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