Study On Kinetics Of Graft Copolymerization Of Poly (Hexanedioic Acid Ethylene Glycol) And Methyl Acrylate Initiated By Potassium Diperiodatonickelate (IV)

Author(s): Libin bai, Jungang Gao, Ying Sun

A redox system-potassium diperiodatocuprate(III)[DNC]/poly (hexanedioic acid ethylene glycol) (PEA) system was employed to initiate graft copolymers of methyl acrylate(MA) and (PEA) in alkaline medium. The results indicate that the equation of the polymerization rate (Rp) is as follows: Rp=k[MA]1.70[Ni(IV)]0.66 and that the overall activation energy of graft polymerization is 40.9kJ/mol. The total conversion at different conditions (concentration of reactants, temperature, concentration of the DNC, reaction time) was investigated too. The infrared spectra proved that the graft copolymers were synthesized successfully. Some basic properties of the graft copolymer were studied by instrumental analyses, including thermogravimetry, and scanning electron microscope.

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