Study on Heavy Metal Contamination in Ground Water at Outer Skirts of Kota City, Rajasthan, India

Author(s): Nitin Gupta, S. M. Nafees, M. K. Jain and Kalpana S.

The present study deals with an analysis of heavy metal contamination in 72 numbers of ground water samples drawn from twenty-four different locations selecting six sites from each of the four directions of outer skirts of Kota City of Rajasthan, India, in pre-monsoon period of years 2006 to 2008. At all the selected locations, ground water is used for drinking and domestic purposes. Contamination level of iron, copper, zinc, lead, manganese and chromium were estimated following the standard procedures; atomic absorption spectrophotometrically and data so obtained were compared with the guidelines given in IS 10500 for drinking purpose. Data reveals that in Western, Southern and Northern block, chromium concentration was higher whereas in Southern and Northern block, lead concentration was higher at some locations than the permissible limit.

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