Study on Behaviour of Cold Formed Built-up I-Section with Trapezoidal Corrugation in Web by Varying the Aspect Ratio and Angle of Corrugation

Author(s): V. C. Prabha, A. Shalini, S. Saravanaganesh and K. Selvakumar

The use of cold-formed steel structures is increasing throughout the world as they are efficient in terms of stiffness and strength. Structural instability of the section is more likely to occur. To improve their strength and to eliminate local buckling of web elements, trapezoidal corrugated web is used. There are totally 8 beams in that; the four trial beam having aspect ratio varies from 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2. The another four trial beam having angle of corrugation varies from 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and the other parameters such as length of span (3000 mm), flange width (100 mm), thickness of flange (2 mm), thickness of web (1.2 mm), lip size (15 mm) and depth of web (300) are constant for all the eight trial beams. Four beams were fabricated and experimented under two point loading. A tension test was done for three series of specimens with 2 mm thickness to determine the Young’s modulus and yield stress. It was observed that the load carrying capacity of AR2 having aspect ratio 1 and DC3 angle of corrugation 45° specimen’s increases more, when compared to other specimens and it also reaches maximum deflection, which does not undergo any major failure. Hence, the cold-formed steel section with trapezoidal corrugated web beams can be applicable in structural components.

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