Study of Schiff Bases as Corrosion Inhibitors on Metal in Acidic Media by Mass Loss Techniques


A new class of corrosion inhibitors namely Schiff base were synthesized. The influence of Schiff base in different concentration of acid on the corrosion behavior of copper in H2SO4 was studied by mass loss method. The adsorption of inhibitor on copper metal surface obeys the Langmuir adsorption. Mass loss techniques have been employed to study of the corrosion inhibition of some newly synthesized Schiff bases viz. N-(anisalidine)-2-Amino pyridine (SB1) N-(Salicylidine)-2-amino-3-methyl pyridine (SB2) for copper metal in H2SO4 solutions. Results of inhibition efficiencies from the mass loss technique shows that inhibition efficiency increased with increase in the concentration of Schiff bases as well as concentration of acid. Maximum inhibition efficiency is shown at highest concentration of Schiff bases in acidic medium.

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