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Study of Quality Parameters of Jojoba Oil Important for Production of Value Added Products

Author(s): G. K. Sandha and V. K. Swami

Jojoba oil and its derivatives have potential for uses in diverse products as cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations, foam control agents, paint industry, candle industry and as food products. It is a source of long chain alcohols and acids with double bonds in slightly different positions from those in other natural fatty acids. Due to high flash and fire points, Jojoba oil can be used in the manufacture of high-pressure lubricant, which is required worldwide. Jojoba oil maintains its viscosity at high temperature. It has also higher thermal stability due to high flash and fire points, lower pour point and maintenance of viscosity at high temperatures. These properties can also enhance its worth as a potential component of lubricant if added in small quantity. Because of its pleasant feel on skin and its stability towards rancidity, it could become a standard oil-phase base for the cosmetic industry as well as useful for food product industry. Jojoba oil is relatively shelf-stable when compared with other vegetable oils, so it is used to make ointments, antifoams for industrial uses. It is a source of mono-unsaturated alcohols and acids with chain lengths of 22 and 24 carbons. Due to the alcohols present in it, Jojoba oil is used in the automobile industry as an antifreeze agent. It is oil producing industrial crop, potentially valuable for production of value added products.

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