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Study of Inhibitive Effects of Some Schiff Bases on Copper Metal in Acidic Media by Mass Loss Techniques

Author(s): Ritu Poonia, Surendra Kumar and V. K. Swami

A new class of corrosion inhibitors namely Schiff base were synthesized and its inhibiting action on the corrosion of copper metal in HCl was investigated by various corrosion monitoring techniques. Mass loss techniques have been employed to study of the corrosion inhibition of some newly synthesized Schiff bases viz. N-(2- Methoxy bezalidine)-2- Amino pyrimidine(SB1), N- (3-Methoxy benzalidine)-2- Amino pyrazine (SB2) for copper metal in HCl solutions. The inhibition was assumed to occur via adsorption of the inhibitor molecule on the metal surface. Results of inhibition efficiencies from the mass loss technique shows that Schiff bases are good inhibitors in acidic solution. Inhibition efficiency increases with the increase in the concentration of acid as well as those of inhibitors. Maximum inhibition efficiency is shown at highest concentration of Schiff bases in acidic medium.

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