Study of Fluoride Contamination in Ground Water of Mandawa Area of Jhunjhunu District (Rajasthan) -The Heritage City of Shekhawati

Author(s): Sandeep Mitharwal and R. D. Yadav

Ground water contains various types of polluta nts and several other substances, which are dissolved in it. Presence of these el ements are useful for human body bu t in a specific limit. A study of the ground water quality of Mandawa area of Jhunjhunu distri ct was carried out to assess the risk to human health. It was found that ground water of Mandawa area is highly contaminated with fluoride. Most of the ground water samples were found to be highly contaminated with fluoride while few water samples were suitable for human consumption. The result of this st udy helps in getting awareness of health hazards of contaminated water. Overall, the quality of water is unsatisfactory for drinking purpose in the investigated area.

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