Studies On Uniaxial Tensile Behaviour Of Poly(Ester-Ester) Thermoplastic Elastomers

Author(s): Takanobu Kawamura, Koh-Hei Nitta, Ryojun Sekine, Kenji Urayama, Toshikazu Takigawa, Shinzo Kohjiya

Tensile properties of poly(ester ester) elastomers with different content of hard segments were investigated. The tensile tests were performed in the temperature range of 313 to 453 K. The elastomers having a higher content of the hard segments show a higher Young’s modulus because the hard segments are crystallized to form a hard domain which acts as crosslinks. The number density of the crystalline domains decreased with increasing temperature. There is no marked difference in the activation energy to form the crystalline domains between samples with different contents of hard segments.

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