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Studies on the Enhancement of Diesel Engine Combustion Through the Use of Pib-Succinimide Type Fuel Additive and Internal Jets for Turbulence Inducement to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Author(s): S. Sendilvelan and K. Bhaskar

In this work, an attempt has been made to compare the measured performance of a diesel engine and the smoke and oxides of nitrogen emissions with PIB-succinimide fuel additive and two internal jets of 2.5 mm diameter positioned at 180 degrees to each other in a cavity to induce turbulence in the combustion chamber. A detailed analysis on the performance and emission on these samples has been attempted for understanding the effect of the additive and the turbulence inducement using internal jets. PIB-succinimide additive was extensively tested in diesel engines to determine its effect on exhaust emissions. Testing with this additive and internal jet resulted in exhaust smoke being reduced, with slight increase in oxides of nitrogen.

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