Studies on Sugarcane Pressmud and Distillery Waste as a Biofertilizer through Composting

Author(s): K. Rasappan, A. Kumar and P. Santhosh

Composting is a biological process in which organic material is decomposed by a mixed microbial population in warm, moist and aerobic environment. During this process, the degradable organic substrate undergoes chemical and physical transformation to give a stable and humidified end product. The product is of value in agriculture both as an organic fertilizer and soil improver. The present study deals with the sources, treatment and strategies for future management of biomass. In this study, the quantification, characterization and leachate analysis of the biomass from Sakthi Sugars Limited has been done and developed a procedure for conversion of compost from biomass using simple and inexpensive equipment of the type commonly available in the urban and rural households. Further, a lab scale windrows of specified design is made by using the mixed feed stock and the performance analysis of the biomass is done. During this study, necessary convention techniques and analysis of the wastes had been undertaken.

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