Studies on Some Tellurium (IV) Complexes of N, N-Bis (Indol-2-Oxo-3-Ylidene)-1, 2-Diaminoethane

Author(s): Gobind Goyat, Anju Malik, Sapana Garg and K. K. Verma

A series of new tellurium(IV) chelates with Schiff base formed by condensation of isatin with ethylenediamine having formulae TeCl4(H2L), RTeCl3(H2L) and R2TeCl2(H2L); where R = p-methoxy-, p-hydroxy- and 3-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl and H2L = Schiff base, have been synthesized and characterized via elemental analyses, conductance measurement, infrared and proton magnetic resonance spectral studies. The data predict the hexacoordination of central tellurium atom by the neutral ONNO quadridentate Schiff base. Some of these complexes have also been observed to possess antifungal and antitubercular activity.

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