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Studies on Some New Dyes Derived Form 2-Phenyl-3, 1-Benzoxazine-4-(4H)- One

Author(s): H. D. Navadiya, N. K. Undavia and B. S. Patwa

A series of 3 - [4’ - (4 - aryalazo) - 3, 3’- dimethoxy - biphenyl – 4 - yl] – 2 – phenyl - 3H – quinazolin – 4 - one derivatives (3) have been obtained by a reaction of a various coupling agent (a-o) with diazonium salt containing 4-oxo-quinazolin moiety (2). The diazonium salt (2) is obtained by the reaction of 4-(2-phenyl-4-oxo-3-quinazolinyl)-4’-amino-3, 3’-dimethoxydiphenyl with NaNO2 and HCl. The proposed constitutions of newly synthesized molecules have been supported by elemental and spectral analysis. The products exhibit promising dyeing capabilities

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