Studies on Solvent Selection in Extraction of Oil from Waste Mud

Author(s): S. Velmurugan, A. Babuponnusami, K. P. Gopinath and B. S. M. Kumar

The most important adsorbent used in bleaching fats and oils is bleaching earth mixed with activated char coal. After every adsorption cycle, considerable amount of oils and fats were wasted by adsorption. In this study, we suggested an extraction process to recover oil wastes from adsorbent. Three different solvents namely, hexane, benzene and toluene were used for the experimental studies. The effective solvent was selected based on the removal efficiencies of the solvents. The influences of temperature and solvent to feed ratio were studied. The results showed that for any solvent studied, the removal efficiency increased with increase in solvent to feed ratio. Also, for any solvent at any solvent feed ratio studied, the removal efficiency increased with increase in temperature. From the results obtained hexane is considered as effective solvent for the extraction of oil from the waste mud.

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