Studies on Ficus Carpensis (Fruit and Leaf): Proximate and Mineral Compositions

Author(s): G. A. Adebisi and G. A. Oyeleke

The fruit and leaf of fig tree, Ficus carpensis, were analyzed for their proximate and mineral elements compositions using standard method. The result of the analysis indicated that moisture content of the fruit and leaf are 10.0% and 5.77%, respectively. The fat, carbohydrate and crude fibre contents in the fruit and leaf are 10.75% and 12.21%, 25.9% and 30.93%, 40.56% and 37.3%, respectively. The result of the elemental analysis showed that Ficus carpensis fruit and leaf contained the following composition in mg/100g Ca (5.59 and 6.54); Na (8.60 and 10.53); K (6.05 and 5.70); Mg (1.65 and 12.77); Fe (14.72 and 16.60) and P (187.25 and 25.97), respectively. The result generally indicated that both the leaf and fruit of Ficus carpensis are good sources of crude oil and fiber. They equally contain a high percentage of carbohydrate indicating that they are good source of energy as both the carbohydrate and fat content would be broken down in the body to release energy for the metablic and physiological process of the body.

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