Studies on Chemical Elements Analysis of Wood Using SEM-EDAX

Author(s): M. Vasubabu, C. Suresh Babu and R. Jeevan Kumar

Wood is a highly organized material from macroscopic to micro level. Wood is a natural complex biomaterial. Analytical methods are described for the determination of major, minor, and trace elements in wood. The present study deals with micro chemical elements characterization of wood samples (Leucaena leucocephala, Syzium Cumini, Mangifera indica L, Prosopis juliflora and Eucalyptus melliodora) by energy dispersive X-ray analysis using OXFORDLINK-ISIS EDX fitted to Hitachi S-520 scanning electron microscope. Variations in major and minor chemical elements are observed from one species to other. It is interesting to note that very low amount of trace elements have been observed in different wood species shows to be essential to the growth of tree.

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