Studies on Characterization of Textile Industrial Waste Water in Solapur City

Author(s): S. A. Paul, S. K. Chavan and S. D. Khambe

Six textile industries have been selected in East region of Solapur city based on field analysis and characterization studies. Textile effluent from these selected industries is collected and characterized for major pollution indicator parameters namely BOD, COD, TDS, sulphide, sulphate, chloride, hardness, alkalinity, calcium and magnesium. The effluent is dark colored with alkaline pH. The values of BOD and COD are found to be higher than Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India and also ratio of BOD : COD lies between 0.2 – 0.35 indicates that effluent contains large proportion of non-biodegradable matter. The concentration of total dissolved solid are observed to be higher than 5000 mg/L. The effluent also contains high concentration of sulphate, sulphide, chloride, calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for higher hardness of waste water. The results showed that, the textile industries under study area emanate effluent containing pollution indicator parameters considerably higher than standards stipulated by Central Pollution Control Board. Based on these characteri

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