Studies on Anti-HIV Activity and Cytotoxicity of Leaf of Morinda Citrifolia L

Author(s): Periyasamy Selvam

Different leaf extracts of Morinda citrifolia L have been studied for antiviral activity against replication of HIV-1 (IIIB) and HIV-2(ROD) in MT-4 cells. Cytotoxicity of Morinda citrifolia against mock-infected MT-4 cells was also assessed by the MTT method. Ether extract (EMC) of Morinda citrifolia exhibited a maximum protection of 58 % against replication of HIV-1 in MT-4 cells (EC50=38 μg/mL and CC50 = 66 μg/mL). Methanolic extract (MMC) displayed cytostatic activity in MT-4 cells (Ctype Adult T cell leukemia cells) with CC50 = 51 μg/mL.

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