Studies and Assessment of Water Quality Parameters of Akola District Region (Maharashtra)

Author(s): S. J. Patil and S. G. Bhadange

Surface water samples and ground water samples were collected from different sampling point in the range of 30 Km of Akola District (Maharashtra). Twenty two water samples of Akola District were analysed in the laboratory for their physico-chemical properties. The tests were performed in the laboratory for the analysis of EC, pH, ORP, Hardness, chloride, Alkalinity, DO, TDS etc. All the results of theses testes compared to the results against drinking water quality standard WHO (World Health Organisation) & ISI standard. After comparision analysis says that that some of the water samples are not obeying one or some other parameters of the above drinking water quality standards. Water of many sampling area were highly contaminated for TDS. The importance and usefulness as well as unusefulness of these parameters in predieting ground water and surface water quality characteristics were discussed.

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