Stereochemistry and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Oxime Containing Compounds and their Indicator Property

Author(s): Kamini J. Donde, Kanchan A. Barve, Sambhaji S. Raut and Vishwanath R. Patil

The oxime containing compounds 3-hydroxyimino-5-metyl-hexan-2-one-2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine and bis(3-hydroxyimino-5-methyl-2-hexanone) dithiooxamide have been synthesized from the reaction of 3-hydroxyimino-5-methyl-2-hexanone and 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine and dithiooxamide. The products have been characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, FTIR and 1H NMR spectral data. Stereospecific formation of only one anti-isomer is shown from the stereochemistry of the said compounds. The compound shows indicator property in acid- base titrations. The synthesized compounds have been screened for antimicrobial evaluation against various biological strains such as S. aureus, S. typhi, C. albicans, A. niger, S. cerevisiae and m-tuberculosis. The result shows that the compounds exhibit moderate activity against the selected strains.

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