Status of Noise Pollution in an Around Jharsuguda Urban Area

Author(s): N. C. Debta, S. K. Naik, N. K. Behera and A. Mahapatra

In the present investigation, it was found that the sound of industrial zone in day time it is more [77.46 dB (A)] where as in commercial zone sound is less [60.0 dB (A)] with respect to ambient noise quality standard. The sound label of residential zone is [63.84 dB (A)], which is more than the ambient noise standard value but in the silence zone the sound is less [44.43 dB (A)] then the standard data. The average sound level in dB (A) of industrial commercial, residential zone even at night the sound is more in the zone. However at night silence zone is more silence [33.2 dB (A)] than the ambient noise standard.

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