Statistical Optimization on Chromium (VI) Reduction by Marine Bacteria, Planococcus Sp. Vitp21 Using Cane Sugar as Carbon Source

Author(s): Sangeetha Subramanian, Mrudula Pulimi and Gurunathan Jayaraman

Cr (VI) reduction capacity of marine bacteria, Planococcus sp.VITP21 from Kumta coast of Karnataka, India was optimized using statistical design technique under saline condition. Plackett Burman design was used for preliminary screening of important physical and chemical parameters that influenced Cr (VI) reduction. The four parameter pH, Cr (VI) concentration, cane sugar (a carbon source) and NaCl concentration were chosen for optimization using central composite design. The optimized combination of parameters was found to be 2.83 g/L cane sugar, 6.8 pH, 142.8 mg/L Cr (VI) concentration and 8% w/v NaCl with 83% of reduction efficiency in 12 hours of incubation. Planococcus sp.VITP21 was shown to have enhanced reduction potential under saline condition.

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