Stability Constants of Cu (II), Ni (II) and Mn (II) Metal Complexes with Cetrizine and Benzoic acid

Author(s): B. R. Agrawal, B. K. Magare, M. N. Farooqui, D. M. Janrao and M. B. Ubale

Stability constants of binary and ternary complexes of Cu (II), Ni (II) and Mn (II) transition metal ions with cetrizine and benzoic acid have been determined at fixed ionic strength in aqueous solution at 25ºC pH metrically. Formation constants has been calculated by using Calvin Bjerrum method as modified by Irving and Rossoti. Stability constants were discussed in terms of order of stability and correlated with atomic number, ionization potential, electro negativity and reciprocal of ionic radii.

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