Spectroscopic and surface tension study of aqueous solutions of tetraethylammonium bromide in the presence of crown ether

Author(s): Rajni Garg*, R.D.Singh

Spectroscopic and surface tension measurements have been carried out to study the micellar behavior of aqueous solutions of Tetraethylammonium bromide in absence and presence of crown ether. The molar absorptivity coefficient ‘’ has been determined for the aqueous micellar solutions both in absence and presence of crown ether. Binding constant, K has been used to analyze the stability of the inclusion complexes. The values of critical micelle concentration,maximumsurface excess concentration andminimum area per molecule of the surfactant have been evaluated. Thermodynamics of the systems was discussed in terms of the change in standard free energy of micellization and standard Gibb’s energy change of adsorption .The resulting parameters allow the observation of concomitant reorganizations occurring in the system.

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