Spectrophotometric Determination of Carbofuran by Using p-Amino Phenol as a Reagent

Author(s): Saadiyah A. Dhahir, Noor J. Mohammed and Kareem D. Khalaf

A rapid high sensitive and inexpensive economic method has been developed for the determination of carbofuran by using molecular spectrophotometry. The method is based on the coupling of carbofuran by reagent of p-amino phenol and soduim carbonate in an alkaline medium. The coupling conditions were selected to enhance the sensitivity and the stability ofthe blue colored species, which shows an absorption maximum at 637 nm. The Beer’slaw was obeyed for carbofuran concentration range from 1 to 20 μg mL-1 with 0.2813 μg mL-1 detection limit and molar absorpitivityis 2.0 x 104 L mol-1 cm-1. Thismethod was successfully applied for the determination of carbofuran in aqueous samples.

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