Spectrophotometric Determination of Bendiocarb After Synthesis a New Colored Compound with a Para-Amino Phenol in Environmental Water Samples f

Author(s): Saadiyah A. Dhahir, Jehan S. Hussein and Kareem D. Khala

A simple, sensitive, rapid and accurate spectrophotometric method was developed for the analysis of parts per million levels of widely used carbamate pesticide bendiocarb. The proposed method was based on alkaline hydrolysis of the bendiocarb pesticide, and the resultant hydrolysis product of bendiocarb was coupled with para-amino phenol to give blue color product with λmax (630 nm). This compound shows an absorption maxima at a wavelength of (630 nm) with apparent molar absorptivity (2.018 × 104 L mol-1cm-1) and obeyed Beer’s law in the concentration range of (0.1-10 μg/mL). Sandell's of the color reaction are 0.01106 μg cm-2. The effect of the non-target species on the determination of bendiocarb was studied. The formation of colored derivatives with the coupling agents is and stable for 3-6 hr.

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