Spectrometric determination of trazodone and sertralin in tablets by multivariate calibration approach

Author(s): NurayAytekin,A.Hakan Aktas

Twomultivariate calibration-prediction techniques, principal component analysis (PCR) and partial least squares (PLS) were applied to the spectrometricmulticomponent analysisof the drugcontaining trazodone (TRAZ) and sertralin (SERT)without any separation step. The selection of variables was studied.Aseries of synthetic solution containing different concentrations of TRAZ and SERTwere used to Original Article ChemXpress 5(3), 073-077, (2014) ISSN(Print) : 2320 –1967 ISSN(Online) : 2320 –1975 check the prediction ability of the PCRand PLS. The results obtained in this investigation strongly encourage us to apply these techniques for a routine analysis and quality control of the two drugs.

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