Sorption of Chromate by Surfactant Modified Willhendersonite

Author(s): Vandana Swarnkar and Radha Tomar

A new sorbent, ordered mesoporous surfactant modified Willhendersonite, was prepared and applied for the sorption of chromate from water. The sorbent showed higher efficiency for the sorption of Cr (VI). The maximum uptake at pH 7.0 was 80 mg g-1 for Cr (VI). The behaviour of Cr (VI) sorption onto surfactant modified Willhendersonite was investigated by sorption isotherms, sorption kinetics and the effect of pH on sorption. The sorption equilibrium of chromate was rapid, with 90% sorption in 7 hours. The surfactant modified willhendersonite was characterized by using FTIR, XRD, TEM, SEM, DTA/TGA and E-DAX techniques.

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