Solvent effect study on fluorescence quenching of 5-methyl-2-phenylindole by CCl4

Author(s): S.V.Nishti, R.S.Kunabenchi, B.G.Evale, J.S.Biradar, J.R.Mannekutla

The effect of solvent polarity on fluorescence quenching of 5-methyl-2- phenylindole by carbon tetrachloride in different solventmixtures of dioxane- acetonitrile has been studied at room temperature. The quenching is found to be appreciable and a positive deviation from linearity was observed in the Stern-Volmer plot in all the solventmixtures.Analysis of the results indicates that the quenching is due to both static and dynamic processes. Further, it is found that the Stern-Volmer constant depends on the dielectric constant of the solvent mixtures, which indicates the charge transfer character in the excited complex.

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