Solvatochromic behavior of gold nanoparticles in different solvents

Author(s): Al-Sayed Abdel-Majied Al-Sherbini

Gold nanoparticles were prepared in different solvents of different polarities by laser-induced breakdown of the goldmetal plate. The results showed that the position of the surface plasmon bands depends on the optical dielectric constant (m) and dielectric permittivity (o) with respect to the polarity of the medium. In polar solvents a blue shift was observed when we go fromwater (m= 1.77,Z= 94.6, o= 78.3) to butanol (m= 1.97,Z= 77.7, o= 17.5) while in nonpolar solvents the blue shifts are observed when we go fromTHF (m= 1.98,Z= 58.8, o= 7.5) to cyclohexane (m = 2.03,Z= 60.1, o= 2.02). The Particle sizes were determined by using transmission electronmicroscope( TEM).

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