Solid phase extraction and pre concentration of lead and other heavy metals by alumina phases-functionalized-dithizone as chelating inorganic ion exchangers

Author(s): Mohamed E.Mahmoud, Maher M.Osman, Osama F.Hafez, Abdelrahman H.Hegazi, Esam Elmelegy

Dithizone, a chelating compound, was immobilized on the surface of three different types of alumina, acidic, neutral and basic, via physical adsorption as a simple, direct, efficient and environment friendly technique. Surface characterization of the newly modified alumina-functionalizeddithizone (I-III) was accomplished by 70-eV EI-MS as a promising technique for surface and thermal evaluations as well as infrared analysis and determination of the surface coverage values. The metal interaction properties of the newly modified alumina phases were studied for a series of heavy metal ions via determination of metal capacity under the influence of various factors. The results of distribution coefficient and separation factor revealed that the newly modified alumina phases are highly selective for Pb(II) and Cr(III). The potential suitability and applicability of modified alumina phases as solid chelating ion exchangers, extractors and preconcentrators for Pb(II) fromreal water and waste water samples were successfully accomplished with percentage removal, extraction and recovery values in the range of 93.0±6.0%-99.6±4.0% and a preconcentration factor equals 200 and without any interference of the matrix effect.

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