Solar Drying of Food Materials as an Alternative for Energy Crisis and Environmental Protection

Author(s): A. Waheed Deshmukh, K. L. Wasewar and M. N. Verma

The food problem in India and most other developing countries worldwide is due largely to the inability to preserve food surpluses rather than to low production. In many countries of the world, the use of solar thermal systems in the agricultural area to conserve vegetables, fruits, coffee and other crops has shown to be practical, economical and the responsible approach environmentally. Solar heating systems to dry food and other crops can improve the quality of the product, while reducing wasted produce and traditional fuels; thus, improving the quality of life. Solar drying is an affordable and cost effective alternative for preservation of food and agricultural crops. The external heating media is not required; thus, able to overcome global energy crises. It not only save energy, but also saves time, occupies less area, improves quality of product, makes the process more efficient and protects the environment. This systemic review contain the types and application of various solar dryers for agricultural and food products in view of global energy crises. A cabinet type natural solar dryer is designed for food drying. Its construction, design parameter, applicability for food drying is also discussed in this paper.

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