Solar Desalination using Nickel Sulphide as Photocatalyst

Author(s): Ajay Sharma, Shobha Rastogi and Manisha Sindal

An effective, convenient and inexpensive method for the purification of water has been investigated. Water is one of the principal elements, which influences economic, industrial and agricultural growth of mankind. The over utilization of groundwater, poor recharge, uncertainty of monsoon, poor aquifer conditions, absence of proper monitoring and management have gradually influenced the quality of water. A solar desalination plant was fabricated to utilize solar energy to obtain distilled water. The effect of photocatalyst nickel sulphide on the rate of production of distilled water and its quality was made. It was found that the rate of production of desalinated water increased to a remarkable extent. A comparative study of different parameters like pH, conductivity, concentration of anions and cations, etc. was made between raw water and desalinated water.

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