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Six Legged Sound Follower Robot

Author(s): A. Subbiah*, N. Shankar Ganesh, Jabin James and S. Rajish Raja

An audio signal following control of a sound follower six legged robot with the estimation of the sound source location using a microphone array. The traveling time difference of the sound signal depending on the distance provides the three dimensional coordinates of the sound signal. To detect the sound signal, Four microphone array is used to locate the area in the three dimensional space. Our project involves implementing a signal processing system for audio sensing and manipulation for the control of an autonomous vehicle. Our system will have two modes, autonomous and control. In autonomous mode, the robot will detect and follow pulses of a predetermined set of frequencies and the robot will approach the source. In control mode, the robot will execute commands by an administrator on PC transmitted to the robot via an RS-232 serial connection.

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